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Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are a living transmission that originated from Human Design and the Chinese I Ching as its main components, based on a practice of contemplation to support you on your magical journey to self-illumination.

Official site: GeneKeys.com
Facebook: Gene Keys Global
Clubhouse: Gene Keys Club

Download your hologenetic profile

The first step in this journey to self-illumination is to download your unique hologenetic profile: click here.


How to read your profile

If you've downloaded your profile, you can visit this page to start decoding your profile. You can also book a reading with me to get acquainted with the Gene Keys and start understanding your unique profile.


The Golden Path

Your hologenetic profile shows you three sequences of the Golden Path: the Activation Sequence (Genius), the Venus Sequence (Love), and the Pearl Sequence (Prosperity). Learn more about the Golden Path here. You can also embark on the Golden Path with me here.


Gene Keys Book

A great resource to contemplate and learn to understand the Gene Keys is the big book The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, written by Richard Rudd, the founder.


The Living Library

The Gene Keys are a great synthesis of many modalities. In the Living Library, you can explore this synthesis in detail: click here.