Why True Sidereal Human Design isn't a thing

Updated: Apr 7

Although there is a guy who invented Cosmic Human Design, his version of Human Design and True Sidereal astrology combined, I do not support the theory behind this version of Human Design.

And for a lot of you, this isn't new. A lot of us went through that weird experiment with Cosmic Human Design last year, as Richard Mason founded it around the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, launching a True Sidereal Human Design calculator in the Spring of 2021, and having interviewed Athen Chimenti (the founder of True Sidereal astrology) last Summer.

Why am I talking about this again? Well, I recently got questions about this again. And to make it a bit easier for myself, I'm writing this entry to be able to refer people to it so that I don't have to explain myself over and over again, lol. (In Human Design, I'm a Projector, so obviously, I'm going for what is most efficient to preserve my energy.)

There's still a written interview going around on the interwebs about my journey with True Sidereal Human Design. That interview dates back when I didn't know what I know now. And it's okay that it's still there, as people seem to find me through that article and, therefore, start asking the right questions 🙂

I have to say; it was a hell of a ride.

And it was also a sobering experience to realize that I went with the mass hysteria around this new experiment, haha (I'm exaggerating a little bit 😆).

Let's make a long story short: I just was in a bad place with myself and Human Design when I discovered True Sidereal Human Design (later called Cosmic Human Design), and I hoped it would bring me the solution to my problems. But it didn't. Instead, it pulled me into a very confusing experience where I got to meet a lot of my Shadows. And when I came out of it, it was time to purge and clean up the mess I left behind. I enrolled in the Virtual Pearl Retreat with the Gene Keys, made a clean cut from Human Design (especially its community), and the rest is history.

Anyway, the question was: is True Sidereal Human Design a thing? No, it is not, I can say with confidence now. But it could be a thing for you, but probably not in the way that it is presented by Richard Mason and his Cosmic Human Design version.

Let me explain... (and then, you can make up your own mind.)

It took me months of in-depth research to find evidence in the source material (aka Ra Uru Hu's teachings) of how True Sidereal Human Design cannot be what Richard Masons is presenting. But there is another possibility.

First of all, you need to know what a Rave Mandala is. It is the synthesis of the Human Design chart with the hexagram and the zodiac wheel.

This is my Rave Mandala from MyBodyGraph:

As you can see, the outer wheel is the hexagram wheel, and the inner wheel is the Tropical zodiac wheel with the 12 equally divided signs. In the middle, we have the Human Design body graph. And in this mandala, you see my unique activations.

Now, after months of research, I came to learn that, even though the hexagram wheel and the zodiac wheel are shown in relation to each other in this mandala, they don't necessarily have a lot to do with each other.

Ra explains in his advanced Rave Cosmology lectures that the hexagram wheel is a symbolic wheel placed around the Earth's atmosphere. It is linked to the 16 godheads, and every godhead is linked to four hexagrams on the wheel.

The zodiac, on the other hand, is out there in space. It is the path the Sun takes every year, moving through all the zodiac signs, and it is how we see it from Earth. In that regard, you could say that the zodiac wheel is also placed around the Earth, but further up in space where we see the Sun and the stars behind the Sun.

Now, the difference is: