The Darkening of the Light

For weeks now, ever since the West noticed that Putin was gathering and assembling more military around the Ukrainian borders, I subconsciously knew something was about to happen.

I had many conversations with others about this and it was never about whether Putin would invade Ukraine or not, it was always about: when?

And then it eventually happened.

When I learned that Neptune was about to leave Gene Key 22 after mostly transiting that Gene Key for over two years, it felt like this was the next play on the theater of life after collectively moving through the pandemic.

On the 6th of March, coming Sunday, Neptune will finally move into Gene Key 36 at 11:36 PM, CET.

In the I Ching, this hexagram is called the Darkening of the Light. In Human Design, it's the gate of Crisis. In the Gene Keys, this key is about embracing the Shadow of Turbulence, to release the Gift of Humanity, into embodying the Siddhi of Compassion.

"There's a particular kind of darkness in our humanity and it's time for us to engage with it," is something Kim Gould wrote in a blog post last year, just before Neptune temporarily moved into Gene Key 36 in May 2021.

And she continues: "As our existing Western culture heads into dark times, it is our role to cache the brightest parts of humanity, to hold the light in trust for that moment when toxic darkness burns itself out. We may choose to resist, in our way; to protest, march, meditate, write. But there is something we have to realize. If you try to assert yourself you will be opposed and you may be injured. Do not give the darkness the opportunity to harm you. Do not let the darkness on the outside extinguish the light on the inside. Know when to shine out and when to stay hidden, when to be visible and when to retreat. Once we have withdrawn its fuel, the greatest foe of the toxic darkness is time."

You can read the full article here.

For the West, the darkness has ever become so visible if you look at what is happening with Russia and Ukraine. And at the same time, there has been a mass response of lightness from the world as well.

It is obvious to me that we no longer accept the darkness to rule our lives. Those times have passed. Its power is long gone and what we see is people holding on to straws in their struggle for that power.

The downside is that this road will be rocky for a while, still. The more we embrace our humanity and shine our lights, the more we can support each other through it.

Even with all the hardship, there's still a Gift to be found inside. Our gifts are what the world needs right now — and embracing your own Shadows is what releases those Gifts.

I feel like our work has never been more important than now, at least, for our generations. For me, with the end of the Pearl Retreat coming up now, it feels like I've been going through some kind of initiation to be able to hold ever more space for ALL of it — light AND darkness. For me, there's a "before the Retreat" and there's an "after the Retreat."

But even if you weren't part of the Pearl Retreat — although, if you have been reading my journal for the past four months, you kinda were 😉 — you might have felt it, too.

It feels a bit similar to February 2020, when something was coming, too. But at that time, I only had to begin my purge and this big shift of going inward. Back then, Neptune was on its journey through Gene Key 22 to teach us something about Grace.

Interesting is that as Neptune starts transiting Gene Key 36, a few days later, the Sun will move through Gene Key 22. What are the odds 😉

Anyway, another chapter has started in our journey to and beyond 2027 — the Solar Plexus mutation and the coming of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.

More hardships, to embrace more of our humanity. More decay of the old patriarchal systems, to rise more of our divine feminine into creating new, more sustainable, and inclusive gatherings with a different kind of power.

In Human Design terms, we are being prepared for a time of following our inner authority instead of being dependent on the systems and structures around us. "We're packing away the world," as Richard Rudd described it in one of the videos that had the most impact on me in the past months.

And I always come back to this essential question with every new challenge that lies ahead: how can I be of the greatest service to the whole?