The Core is Love

I'm still not back at my usual writing pace. This is a very busy week, as we've planned another trip to the Ukrainian warehouse on Friday. When I ask myself this question: how can I be of greatest service to the whole then I just know what's important right now.

But I'm sure, I'll be writing anyway. Just a little less frequent than I used to during the more silent winter months.

Today, I want to share two videos.

The first one contains some comforting words by Richard Rudd on the current world situation: The Core is Love.

A few weeks before Putin invaded Ukraine, I just knew that something was about to happen. That same feeling I had a few weeks before COVID-19 hit the European mainland. That feeling of upset mixed with agitation and fear but also a strong intuition about the future.

When the invasion actually started happening, in that first week, I mostly felt fear and anger. I had to, again, work with my fear of death. And it took me a while to allow, accept, and embrace that fear as Putin made it hard for me with all his threats. But seeing how the world responded to Putin's actions, made all the difference in the world.

My focus started to shift from fear to hope. I can definitely see — as Richard shared in his video — that we've grown as humanity. Although there is still fear and despair, I feel that more people than ever speak and act against war — there's a lot more emphasis on peace, condemning war, on a much larger scale than I've ever seen.

Some people in my environment seem to have a hard time moving through the shadow of their own fears, holding a very grim and pessimistic view of the situation, but I was able to move away from that. Not in the sense that I'm closing my eyes for reality — definitely not, I follow the news, I sit with the discomfort of all the threatening activity; I do my part — but by letting go of being attached to that story.

What helped me move past it was asking myself — again — that same question: how can I best serve the greater whole? And I added to it: How can I best serve the greater whole RIGHT NOW?

And as I felt into the answer to that question and opened my heart to all possibilities, the opportunity to move into action presented itself naturally. My husband invited me into volunteering to organize humanitarian aid, with a colleague of his who's Ukrainian, and off I went. And I never looked back. This is my contribution at this time.

And that contribution could be anything. It doesn't even have to be directly related to helping Ukrainians. It could be something as simple as practicing gratitude for the freedom we have, e.g., or hugging your kids a bit more to help them feel safe in this world.

There's so much we can do to raise our collective frequency, one person at a time. By simply asking ourselves that question: how can I best serve the greater whole (right now) and using our imagination, our unique creativity.

I truly believe that the world is doing far better than we think.

And it's exactly because of what Richard shared so many times — not only in this video — and what I have been feeling for a while now, too.

The forces at hand that are still trying to control the world by force are dying out. It's impossible to sustain that kind of energy in the long run. These are the growing pains of an old world dying and a new world not yet fully been born.

These are desperate people grasping for straws and it is starting to show: more and more people are starting to see that what Putin does can no longer be tolerated or supported. Even his own entourage is starting to doubt his actions.

But we still have some work to do. And the work starts inside ourselves. Everything else is merely a projection of that inner world.

And yes, it hurts and it can be extremely uncomfortable. And yes, some people might not make it. But that, too, has meaning, even though we don't always understand, even though it is sometimes hard to look beyond our fear, anger, and despair.

And it is not about love for the sake of needing to be positive either. Love can often only be understood through suffering. As suffering is love, too. And running away from our suffering doesn't lead to that understanding of love, to adding more love. Love is the warm embrace of all suffering, the holding space for all that is, all who we are, even embracing our own inner Putin, even the capacity to feel compassion for Putin, or embracing our incapacity to feel that compassion.

It sounds like an impossible task at times. Gentleness. Patience. We don't have to do this all at once. That's why I find the Gene Keys approach so helpful. Contemplation. Inquiry. Gentleness. Patience. Allow. Accept. Embrace. And it all starts with that one pause.

It is not doing nothing. It brings us into aligned action, whatever that action might be (which sometimes comes in the form of no action at all).

There isn't something we "should" do because there's this pressure from the world around us to act a certain way. That's that work, right? That's the whole purpose of Human Design and the Gene Keys, e.g., to embrace more of our uniqueness so that we can move into the action that is c