Seven Days of Grace — Day 6: Softening into Transformation

As I was going through the meditation of this 6th Day of Grace, something wonderful happened: a warmth was forming in my belly.

Now, you have to know, I always struggled to make a connection with my belly, the dan tien or hara, and breathing into my belly only worked partially.

There's a lot of tension in my belly. All day. Every day.

But it started to change when I became more aware of my belly. I was invited to focus more on the belly in the past months through the Virtual Pearl Retreat.

At first, I felt very triggered by that area of my body. I felt resistance to going to that place with my attention.

It took me several attempts, to repeat the meditations on the Pathways of the Pearl Sequence. But I persevered. I stayed with it.

And sometimes, when I would use this wonderful app called Synctuition, I would feel a warmth down my spine. That was the sensation I was aiming for because it is about the only sensation I've experienced in the belly so far (I might have forgotten the many sensations I probably had when I was younger).

The belly is truly the seat of our stored traumas. And now it's time to re-awaken my Sacral and re-connect with my dan tien.

So, as I was doing the meditation of the 6th Day of Grace earlier today, I was surprised to feel that same warmth. It started in my belly, underneath my hands that I positioned there, and it started to grow toward the back of my spine.

Going through the meditation, the warmth became some kind of heat that traveled up my spine, very slowly and steadily, until it reached the top of my spine, moving into my throat area.

By the end of the meditation, my whole spine felt cozily warm and comfortable, connecting these important places: the belly with the heart and the throat.

And while I'm writing this, I can still feel that warmth, the heat. It is still traveling up and down my spine, to my belly and throat. I never felt it for that long before.

I feel like I can rest in this sensation.

One thing I noticed throughout the past months is my tendency to hold my breath. I breathe in but I don't release my breath that easily. Often, I hold my breath with my belly sucked in and the tension building up in my chest. And when I release, it's more of a stress reaction of my body to gulp in more air.

The practices that go with the Gene Keys, therefore, helped me become aware of my breathing and focus more on the release of air so that my next inhale happens more naturally.

Holding in my breath results in tension that blocks the airflow, and therefore, with this heightened tension, my breath hardly ever reaches my belly. By focusing more on the release of air, I'm also letting go of the tension.

For most of my life, I had this knot in my stomach because of the tension. But when I breathe through it, the knot disappears and suddenly, my belly is there, ready for me to receive.

And when I'm able to stay with the receiving and the releasing, surrendering to deeper breathing, that's when my Sacral finally comes to life, generating this soft and warm energy that travels up and down my spine, connecting all the important energy pathways.

It's that simple.

But of course, I needed to sit and stay with the uncomfortable feelings first. The discomfort of feeling that tension. The feelings and thoughts triggered by focusing on my belly. The emotions t