Seven Days of Grace — Day 4: Finding Flow

Easy is right.

It's so funny (*belly laugh*) because I see how I could tolerate certain things, behaviors, habits, people, etc., and now that seems impossible to tolerate.

Once I started attuning to "the flow," whatever that might be, I was getting more and more sensitive to my own resistance. It's now rather impossible to ignore.

I used to be able to push through without thinking twice. Now, I notice the resistance and a thought pops into my head: does it have to be so difficult/hard/complex/etc.?

No, it does not. It can be easy.

Often, people come to me with ideas or things to do, and most of the time, I'm like: "Gosh, that sounds tiring."


So many things I just stopped doing or pursuing because it's the hard way, making things complex, worrisome, difficult, etc.

That's not weakness. It's pure strength!

My energy levels have been rising ever since. And my body can tell me exactly what is easy and what isn't. I just need to pause a little, tune in, listen.

When there's no flow, there's nothing to do. And sometimes flow leads me into putting in some effort, but the energy is available, always. If it isn't, it isn't correct for me. Better to preserve that precious energy and take the easy path instead, which often involves doing nothing in particular — the art of not-doing in a sense. Wu wei.

And it's funny if you look around you while practicing Wu Wei. Around me, people are running around like headless chickens, stumbling over each other. I get tired just by watching it.

Some people are designed to do a lot, of course, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be easy and effortless. I keep on hearing these complaints about being overwhelmed and exhausted. I used to be that person. And sometimes, I still ignore my intuition and end up complaining again 😂

It might be a Projector thing as well. Preserving my energy is what I learned after my worries compromised my mental health, after I went through several burn-outs and periods of chronic exhaustion. Until I discovered that I was forcing and pushing myself to be someone I'm not.

The realization results in a shift of focus, naturally. Instead of worrying about past behavior, I started to understand where that was coming from (conditioning, mostly) and started tuning into my intuition more. That has been an ongoing conscious process for more than 7 years by now. A full deconditioning journey that started about 4 to 5 years before I discovered Human Design.

I'm now in my 4th year of deconditioning after discovering Human Design and I feel the difference compared to when I started that journey. Every time I ignored my intuition, I ended up on a side-track only to realize over time that I was losing precious energy, experiencing it as an assault on my body.

My body always knows. That information is always available to me. I just need to turn inward and listen. It's that simple.

And again, it always starts with that one pause. And then another. And repeating this new, healthy habit. And then clarity comes in the most magical, exquisite ways.

In a way, Human Design and the Gene Keys brought "the easy way" to me. They're mapping out a path for me that brings me closer to effortless living. But even without Human Design and the Gene Keys, things just needed to get bad enough for me to understand I needed to pivot. Life has a way of showing that to us.

Life always leads us to the path of the least resistance, if only we stop for a moment to notice the clues. Instead of trying to be that steamroller that "makes life" just to get a sense of control — which is the hard and difficult path — I can just let go and trust that life has my back, always 💗

Amen 🙏🏻

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