Rise, Sister, Rise

Updated: Apr 13

Trigger warning: sexual assault, rape

It has been an interesting week with Gene Key 60 still in the transits and then going into the zero point, the end of the solar cycle, starting a new one with Gene Key 41 on the 22nd of January (at least, in my time zone).

It was a week of speaking out, using my voice in a new manner, with more power and strength than I ever experienced. A week of using my voice without the limitations I used to feel when I was younger, without the effort I used to put into getting my message out.


Since I last wrote to you, a video report came out on YouTube from a Dutch television channel on alleged sexual abuse between production members of The Voice of Holland and the program participants.

It's now a massive scandal in The Netherlands.

I'm in a neighboring country, Belgium, but because we speak the same language and are familiar with many of the involved celebrities, it's a scandal in our country, too.

We also recently had another scandal with a Belgian celebrity who sexually harassed many women for many years.

We were only just processing that court case and the consequences. And now this happens in The Netherlands. All while we're also still processing the whole Epstein situation globally.

To me, this feels like another pandemic.

A widespread behavior that we are no longer tolerating.

More and more people are finding their voice to speak against it.

More and more people are finding the courage to confront their worst nightmare.

This has been going on for a while now, with the #metoo movement and Pluto transiting Gene Key 61 for many years.

And last week, not only was the Sun transiting Gene Key 60, but Pluto was already there as well (and still is).

Gene Key 60 embraces the Shadow of Limitation, releases the Gift of Realism, and embodies the Siddhi of Justice.

Well, that speaks for itself, I guess, and Pluto adds intensity, a voice of truth, and an opportunity for deep transformation within that whole theme.

For me, it now felt natural to speak out about what was happening.

I've been sexually assaulted and harassed multiple times in my life since I was a teenager. I've also been raped when I was 17.

And although I spoke about it numerous times, it always felt like I had to work hard and fight to get my message out. It felt like I had to defend myself and what happened to me. It took so much effort to be heard and acknowledged.

And this past week, those limitations seemed to be gone.

Although I expected an ocean of victim-blaming and all sorts of ridicule — because it has been like that in the past — this time, none of that came directly back at me. And I heard my voice energetically resonate throughout the universe.

Collectively, people are no longer tolerating what we called "normal" back in the day. Collectively, the divine feminine is regaining her innate power (and that includes you, too, dear gents).

Is it finally time?

Are we finally ready to move through it?

Of course, we're not there yet, but the environment in which these messages are perceived seemed to have changed drastically in the last 20 to 30 years.

Although people are still experiencing these traumas of sexual abuse and violation, although there's still victim-blaming, although there are still active sexual predators, it feels like there's this new open-mindedness toward this theme.

People are finally taking it more seriously.

The culture is changing. Slowly, but steadily.

And I'm so grateful for that.