It is coming

First of all, it didn't surprise me that my journal entry on "Why True Sidereal Human Design isn't a thing" quickly became, by far, my most read article.

The 55th Gene Key loves the drama 😅

It's one of the reasons why clickbait still works, whether we like it or not. Not that the title of my journal entry is meant as clickbait, but you know this experiment has given me (and many others) a lot of juicy drama in the past year.

Often, we don't even realize our responsibility within the drama: that of clicking the link anyway because we want a piece of that juiciness. I, myself, have definitely been playing that game in the past, and the 55th Gene Key is making me most aware of that at this time 🙈

So, before I dive into what I was actually going to talk about, I wanna share something to remind us not to get caught up in the drama but simply hold space for it.

Not engaging in the drama but holding a higher frequency of practicing Wu Wei (gentle non-interference) feels like something essential right now.

We can hold the drama and be compassionate and emphatic without getting caught up in the drama.

What is a loving practice you hold dear during these challenging times?

As I'm writing this to you, I feel more grounded and balanced in the way I hold Gene Keys and Human Design these days. The magic and the mechanics. Two sides of the same coin— yin with a bit of yang and yang with a bit of yin. Tai chi: both the duality and unity of nature ☯️

It all started to really "click" for me last Sunday, as I noticed to be in a completely different place than the day before. Maybe it's because Gene Key 55 is my Pearl's programming partner: Gene Key 59. Somehow, it has been easier for me to tap into that field of abundance.

And yet, I'm very much aware of the drama going on around me.

As Russia is about to invade Ukraine, we're witnessing the possible emergence of another war coming to Europe. And it's hard not to get lost in all the emotional tension of what this could mean. It's hard not to become angry, e.g.

And that's the practice. There is anger. There is sadness and a whole range of other emotions. There are feelings of powerlessness and despair as well. And it's not that it's a war coming to my front door, but it's just knowing that, on top of everything else that is happening, there are still people in this world who feel like adding more drama to that.

Hasn't it been enough already?

Apparently not.

So, the practice seems to be: can we hold space for it all?

Even if it feels overwhelming, can we actually accept, allow, and embrace?

Of course, I would rather not see it happening, but the reality is: this is happening. So much is happening in the world — these are genuinely intense times, and they're not over just yet.

We can wish for it not to happen.

We can shout and scream and kick our hearts and brains out.

And yet, the only way is through.

We can't control other people's journeys. We can only accept and respect those journeys, as we're on a journey of our own, and we don't have all the answers and solutions either. Brené Brown has a way of putting it: we are all doing the best we can in any given moment. Do you believe that?

Because if we don't believe that, life becomes a lot harder.

And yet, what is there to do? We can't force Vladimir Putin to see the light in the way we do. We might not even know the whole story. Who knows where he is truly coming from. It is his journey. And unfortunately, his impact as a Manifestor is massive. (And having a completely open Sacral, one would think that he truly doesn't know when enough is enough.)