Fire Eye, Water Eye

How are you experiencing the Hsin (Fire Eye) and Yi (Water Eye) in your life recently? I've been writing about this recently in my journal, as I've been experiencing a huge shift in the past six months of tuning more into the Water Eye and letting go of many of the Fire Eye desires that made me so restless. When I started reading the Genius book again today, I was so surprised to see that little chapter on the Eyes. Even though I read this book a few times and went through the Activation Sequence course in 2019 and 2021, I completely forgot about the Eyes. This is such a synchronistic discovery 🙏🏻 In the past few years, I had big frustrations with the fiery energy that I always felt was driving me. This push forward feels like everything is urgent. The unease and the restlessness because I didn't trust my inner guidance. Looking back, it feels like I'm in calm water now. Not of my seeking because the more I sought, the more turbulent the fire became. But committing — because I was finally ready to yield? — to deeply contemplate the Gene Keys seemed to be the beginning of the end of this fiery dominance. As I leaned more into my contemplations, starting with pauses in-between the doing and noticing how I slowly shifted into doing in-between the pauses, my life seemed to be filled with this freshness, a gentle stream with pools of still water. However, I can still feel the warmth of the fire within me. The Fire isn't gone. It's just taken its place a little bit more in the background, allowing this new balance to emerge, like the mind that finally caves in to the body's wisdom but still has its little tantrums from time to time — but mostly in service (until I forget once again). Maybe it is because I recently (a couple of months ago) also committed deeply to the Venus Sequence, in which I'm so invited to open my heart, even amidst the storm. I don't need to know what caused this and how. I just trust that it's divine timing, that everything moves and unfolds exactly as it should. And that trust I have been cultivating consciously for six months now. So, it feels so very much appropriate to start with the Activation Sequence now. Reading this chapter on the Fire and Water Eye makes me feel grateful for the turbulent times I experienced, and I'm very excited (Fire) to dive deeper with you and allow (Water) more trust and core stability to emerge from the depths of my being, in any way or form 💗

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