Don't Wait for the Invitation

Updated: Apr 13

Don't wait for an invitation to create something this year. Whether you're a Projector or not, please, create.

I know it is said that we all need to wait, and in a sense, that is true. We need to wait for a connection with our inner guidance, that is.

But especially with Projectors, I've seen how people can quickly get stuck with their strategy. But even for Generators, who can respond to life, the stuckness is real.

Let me explain.

As a solopreneur and creative soul, I've learned this strategy the hard way. According to my Human Design chart, I'm an emotional Projector, which means that I have to wait for invitations and recognition and wait for (emotional) clarity.

And oh boy, I waited a lot in the first two years of my experiment. And then something shifted, and I temporarily went with a Generator chart (because of the Cosmic Human Design experiment) where I started responding to life. Suddenly, invitations flew toward me effortlessly.

But then I went back to my "original" Human Design chart and used the "wait for the invitation/recognition" strategy once again until I decided just to ditch all of it (because life cannot be put into boxes).

Anyway, when it comes to doing business, I discovered something important. Don't wait for invitations and recognition to create something.

And it doesn't matter what type you are. It's just that creativity should flow freely, all the time.

Of course, that is often not our reality. Many of us feel stuck and blocked when it comes to our creative flow.

Recently, I discovered that writing had been my passion all along. And in a previous journal entry, I shared that I'm not going to monetize my writing just because it's a passion of mine. On the contrary, I want it to flow freely without the stress of monetizing it.

And that works great.

But there is also something else. Many people who come in contact with Human Design tend to start waiting in a significantly stiffened way. They're told their strategy or read it somewhere, and then everything becomes confusing.

What is waiting? How long do I have to wait and for what?

How does an invitation look like?

We can fuss so much about these strategies that we come to stand in our way. And then the creative flow gets blocked. Or if it was already blocked, it just gets worse.

And the pressure to get out of your not-self does not help at all. Yes, there are many judgments in the Human Design world about whether you're doing it right or not, whether you're accurately following your strategy. Every "mistake" you make probably results from being in your not-self — at least, this seems to be a widespread judgment.

But that's not necessarily true. Unless you believe it, of course (still, the reality can be very different).

What I often see happening is that people just freeze. Whatever was flowing before just stopped flowing. They wait and wait and try to grasp what the strategy is about. But what if we would fuss less about strategy and tune more into what feels natural and effortless?

I was reminded of that naturalness once again when I looked into Danielle Gardner's Quiet Marketing. And it reminded me of my singing, too.

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