Crisis 57 — part 2

This is the second part of this little series on the 57th Gene Key and related experiences. You can read part 1 here. Trigger warning: mental health issues, anxiety, depression, despair, and emotional trauma.


Radical Acceptance

If there is something I really learned these past weeks, it's this: Allow — Accept — Embrace. As a friend so beautifully articulated in one of her recent newsletters (you can subscribe to get her future musings and contemplations: click here): we don't have to fix ourselves. It's about accepting ourselves. Fully.

At least, that's where it all starts, right? And it seems so simple and obvious, but I, at least, tend to forget all the time. I can truly get caught up in my mind's obsessions.

Radical acceptance. Instead of fighting against the current, why not just ride the waves instead? Again, it seems too simple and obvious, but who has the courage to do that all the time, and again: we tend to forget.

That is the journey: the subtle dance of forgetting and remembering.


In my case, I needed to go through some stuff before I was able to surrender to the situation. I just couldn't accept the anxiety, the tiredness, the sleep deprivation. For me, it felt like a failure. I went through this 8 to 9 years ago and expected of myself that I had learned my lesson and that it would never happen again.