Core Line

I was listening to the replay of last Friday's Siddhi Club with Amma Li and Tanmayo Lawson. And I heard Tanmayo talk about her Core line 3 with the Wound of Shame.

I was immediately drawn to my own Core line 5 of Guilt, realizing that I'm often guilt-motivated as if I need to earn my existence somehow, and whenever I do something for myself, I feel guilty.

But before I go on, I'll list up the 6 Wounds of the Core Lines for you, so that you can have a look at your own line:

  • Line 6: Wound of Isolation (or Separation)

  • Line 5: Wound of Guilt

  • Line 4: Wound of Rejection

  • Line 3: Wound of Shame

  • Line 2: Wound of Denial

  • Line 1: Wound of Repression

Now, every line in the Core also has an energy in the higher octave:

  • Line 6: Care

  • Line 5: Forgiveness

  • Line 4: Gentleness

  • Line 3: Humor

  • Line 2: Ease

  • Line 1: Honesty

E.g., with my 5th line in the Sphere of the Core (the last Sphere of the Venus Sequence), it's quite obvious that I need to forgive myself, foremost, to be able to embrace my Guilt wounding. Someone with a 3rd line in the Core can use humor to get a different perspective on Shame: when we don't take ourselves too seriously, the energy of Shame transforms.

How does this line play out for you? And what can this higher energy do for your Wound?

Particularly for me, I have Gene Key 20 in line 5 in my Core. Gene Key 20 is about embracing the Shadow of Superficiality, releasing the Gift of Self-assurance, and embodying the Siddhi of Presence.

Now, the Shadow and the Gift are two sides of the same coin. To get access to the Siddhi, which is the coin, forgiveness is the main theme for me. I'm going back and forth between feeling self-assured and insecure, and it can truly drive me nuts. But both sides are part of me — there's no escaping it. Integrating both asks me to be compassionate toward myself, forgive myself for forgetting about this integration, falling back into the pattern of rejecting my insecurity.

Can I be present with all of it? Can I forgive myself?

And yet, forgiveness is a process and I cannot rush the process. It's also a very personal and internal process, not something that I can impose on myself because it's expected out of me, or wanted by others, or because my mind wants me to forgive. And when I do impose forgiveness onto myself, it's another invitation to forgive myself.

I would love to hear your story about the Core line you have in your profile.